Girls Hockey is the only growing segment in hockey. Between hockey and Ringuette they are 400 000 Strong and to this day they still can’t purchase equipment that fits their body shape and growth rate. Girls will reach 98% of their total height by age 14 in contrast to boys whom are just at 89% and still have plenty of growing to do.

When interviewed, Girls shared their discontent with the selection of hockey equipment made to fit their needs. They stated on multiple occasions that they are always making compromises between the proper length vs. width or protection vs. size. (Jr vs. Sr)

The “Shrink it and Pink it” solutions proposed by our competition just doesn’t cut it anymore and STÄRK is proud to pioneer the movement for proper fitting hockey equipment that is made for girls. All of our products are developed with the help of female hockey players of all ages and Elizabeth Coulombe, Industrial Designer.

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