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STÄRK HOCKEY is an up and coming brand created by Michel Paul (founder of MIA Sports, Former R&D Director at Warrior and VP of Sher-Wood Hockey). Its reason for being is simple: be the brand that defies the industry by delivering on value while creating products that are both unique and desirable.

Simple Designs // Pure Performance 

Unlike other brands who over market and over-design their products, we make high-quality equipment that is conceived with the simple idea of giving the player what they need at a price they afford. 

At STÄRK, We Create products that are adapted for different body types. 

Our unique product segmentation allows for our hockey experts to design items that meet your specific performance needs while matching your body shape and growth rate.

I was raised in the once fun and developing hockey equipment industry. I was just 5 years old when I started to play and as you can see in this photo, I was goaltending by the age of 8. Back then, none of the gear fit me quite well, I guess this is when I started to take interest in hockey equipment design. 

I have always been at the service of the Pro Athletes, now it’s time for me to work for you, the overcharged and underserved hockey players of the world.


Thank you for considering our designs when shopping for your next piece of hockey equipment or custom made team merchandise. 



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