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Our Product Promise

For hockey players who are looking for the right products for their game, STÄRK promises to offer a superior shopping experience while delivering outstanding product quality and value.

Not just for Teenage Boys!


Unlike our competition who is heavily focused on marketing to the teenage boys (knowing they change equipment yearly) we focus on product collections that are intended to mimic the different physiologies of its customers: Adults, Girls, Kids and Teenage Boys.

Our mantra is

"affordable performance via bold market disruption”. Our research shows that most players are not interested in high priced endorsement deals or over-hyped product launches that don’t really offer any consumer benefits. For those players, we want to be your go-to brand by eliminating all excessive costs while maintaining topnotch service.

Collaborative innovation

The rink is our lab and the players are our subjects. 

We are thankful to have so many players participating in our research, we couldn't do it without your help, Thank you. 


What this means for you

Thanks to your input, We make hockey fun by offering gear that looks great, fits perfectly and performs beautifully!

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