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NC7, HOCKEY MFG, Women’s TEAM PANT Navy with White/Red stripes


Same popular pant, just in your team colours!

This Limited-edition pant is a stylized version of the beloved NC7 Solid Black or Navy version.

It features the same original inner belt system and a fit that is adapted to the women’s body shape and growth rate.


Three coloured pants are perfect for you when your team is sporting White and Red stripes down the middle, or if you just want to match your look to your play.

Most innovative product in our MFG collection! 

When surveyed76% of girls found that current hockey pants aren’t suitable for them, making this the most problematic piece in their bag. 


  • Made for girls (growth rate and body shape) 
  • Lightweight protection that is comfortable
  • Stays in place, no need to pull the pant up during play. 


  • Unique sizing: 2 lengths per waist size.
  • Weight: 700 g
  • Liner: Moisture wicking
  • Protection: SR. level 

This pant is designed for hockey while Made for Girls!

This pant has the needed protection to play hockey while tailored with the female body shape in mind. In fact, Girls/Women have different proportions when it comes to Hip to Waist and Leg length to Total Height ratios.




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