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STÄRK XL Locker Microfibre Towel 31 x 62


Lightweight, Super absorbing and Quick-dry Sublimated Microfibre Towel!

Let’s face it, most of us have been using the same cotton towels for years now. Well, gone are the days of carrying a wet towel in your hockey bag and creating the ideal conditions for bacterial growth.

Compared to the standard fluffy towels, our XL locker towel is 1/3 of the weight, can absorb twice its weight in water and fully dry within 18 hours. Hang it outside to dry and will get there in 3!


Fun/ Comfortable / Long-Lasting


  • XL size 80cm x 160cm
  • Elastic Loop to Hang dry
  • 200g/Sqm Polyamide Microsuede
  • Backside pattern
  • Custom Made Label with Number Identifier
  • Come in a reusable mesh bag

Dump & Change the dingy Cotton towels and get yours today!


This product can be customized with you team or corporate logo and colours. 


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