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Introducing our versatile Pink the Rink Baby Bibs - designed with both style and function in mind. These bibs are not just adorable accessories for your little one but also a unique way to show your support for Breast Cancer awareness.

Product Features:

  • PINK THE RINK Design: Our Pink the Rink Baby Bibs are adorned with a delightful Pink the Rink theme, featuring soft pink hues and a simple, heartwarming design. They are not only practical but also incredibly charming, making them perfect for mealtime.

  • Multi-Purpose: These bibs are not limited to just babies. They double as versatile wing and lobster bibs, ensuring you AND your baby stay mess-free while you feast. 

  • Support a Worthy Cause: By choosing our Pink the Rink Baby Bibs, you're not only keeping your baby clean and stylish, but you're also contributing to the fight against Breast Cancer. A portion of the sales goes directly to fund research and support programs.

  • Easy to Use: These bibs are designed with velcro for easy on and off, making mealtime and cleanup a breeze. 

Lightweight, Soft, Multipurpose

Comes in 3 Styles
Easy to Use
Soft Material