STÄRK Hockey Thanks YOU!

STÄRK Hockey Thanks YOU!

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It’s Thanksgiving today for our neighbours down south, and we wanted to hop on that love train to say thank you. Yes, we mean you. You reading this blog. We want to thank each and every one of you for helping us evolve into becoming one of the most inclusive equipment suppliers in the world.  



Through constant feedback and support, we’ve been able to develop a relationship with our customers like no other. Our ears are always open, but it’s the time and effort our customers take to provide suggestions and improvements to our products that allow us to grow as a brand and create better products.


Despite being one of the fastest-growing sectors in North American sports, women and girls in hockey continue to struggle to find gear that fits them properly. That’s where we’ve stepped in to patch up that ginormous gap in the market. The difference in female and male growth rates is an aspect that the current market overlooks but is absolutely critical when developing gear. Women’s growth rates and data have never been taken into account. We continue to meet women who have worn the same pants for 20+ years simply due to the fact that before us, no brand has felt the urgency to address or even discuss the pains women in hockey have had to endure for decades. 



One of the most troublesome pieces of equipment for women and girls is the hockey pant. Based on our research, girls typically have longer legs and shorter torsos than boys of the same height. Girls begin their growth spurt earlier, and experience unique hips:waist:length ratios. Lastly, preference also comes to play when making sure girls have the right fit. As most girls are used to wearing ill-fitted pants, many have become used to compromising comfort and fit, either hiking up the pants in fear of them falling or low-riding them and exposing the stomach in order to make up for the lack in length. 


Our beloved NC7 No Compromise MFG Hockey Pant has taken all of these issues into consideration. CLICK HERE for our size chart!

  • Hips-to-waist-to-length ratios based on data from girls and women in hockey


  • An inner belt that allows the pant to be personalized and fit snugly ANYWHERE on the torso. No need for girdles and suspenders anymore! 


  • XS+1 and XXL +1 has made it to our offering as the 2 new additions to our multiple different waist sizes for the varying body shapes and sizes in hockey (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL)


  • Varying lengths for S, M, and L to accommodate height and preference (+1” and +2”)


Are you an individual or parent looking to buy a pair and want to make sure of the size before purchase? We offer virtual fittings where all of your questions will be answered. 

Are you a coach or team manager for a girls team in the GTA and looking to provide your players and parents with an opportunity to try on STÄRK Hockey gear? Email us at to set up an in-person team/club fitting. 

Are you a team or club director looking for custom-made gear and apparel designed specifically for your brand and female players? We appreciate you looking to improve the world of women’s hockey with us. Let’s get some mockups going for these girls, they deserve it. 

We couldn't have done it without you, and we are grateful for your ongoing collaboration in bringing STÄRK to where it is today. We still have so much more to go, so much more to offer, and we hope you stick with us, cause we’re in it for the long haul. 



You rock for sticking with us to the end of this blog. What’d I tell ya, our customers are the best.

Here’s a surprise 10% discount on ALL of our hockey pants. CODE >> THANKYOU22

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