DC9 Men's Low profile Shoulder Pad

DC9 Men's Low profile Shoulder Pad

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Protect Your Future in Hockey with STÄRK Shoulder Pads

Did you know that 31% of male hockey players surveyed do not wear shoulder pads while playing hockey? These players might not realize the severity of the injuries that can occur without adequate protection, especially from the impact of a hockey puck going up to 65 miles per hour. A high shot can strike your collarbone, shoulder, or chest and cause damage. An unprotected sternum (breastbone) might suffer most from the impact; or what if the shot hits you in the back, directly hitting your spine?

When the risks are so high, it's obvious that wearing protection is the answer. A good set of shoulder pads with a sternum protector and back plate can absorb most of the impact of a flying puck, minimizing the harm to your body and keeping you in good shape for future games and your daily grind. So why don't more adult players wear shoulder pads? Find out why it is so tough for adult players to get proper protection, and discover a practical solution.

The Problem with Shoulder Pads

Here at STÄRK Hockey, we like to do our research. We asked hundreds of adult hockey players to tell us their frustrations related specifically to shoulder pads on the market right now. Here's what we found!

Too Small

Many players once wore shoulder pads when they were in the minor leagues. However, they eventually outgrew those protective pieces and never replaced them.

Too Pricey or Too Cheap

The hockey equipment found in most sports stores falls into one of two categories. Some of the shoulder pads are inexpensive, but they're not great quality, either. In fact, one player from our survey said, "Modern-day equipment is made of tissue paper and plastic!"

The higher-quality pieces offer better protection, but they hamper your movements because they're so bulky. Plus, their sky-high price tags are enough to blow your whole hockey budget.

Padded Shirts Are Too Hard to Wash

What about a padded shirt? Is that a good alternative to shoulder pads?

Besides the insufficient level of protection, padded shirts are difficult to clean. Of course you sweat through the game, and the fabric and foams get moisture buildup that leads to that funky hockey stink. But how are you supposed to clean the shirt? You're not supposed to wash it with the foams in, and it's tricky to remove the foam chunks before washing. And have you ever tried getting the foam back in after washing? Not fun. So padded shirts aren't a good solution, and going without protection is really unwise.

The STÄRK Solution: A Brand-New Design

When we see a problem with the current design and availability of equipment for the modern hockey player, we do something about it!

STÄRK Hockey has designed a brand-new style of shoulder pads that checks all the boxes for practicality, performance, and price. STÄRK NAKED DESIGNS are based on the idea of simplicity as essential for pure, powerful performance without breaking the bank.

Our new shoulder pads include ventilated, compression-molded pads, assembled directly on the mesh liner for breathability. The sturdy, low-profile molded foams absorb shock without hampering your movements on the ice. Plus, we reduced the weight of the equipment to further enhance mobility. Our innovative adjustable/removable caps allow you to place the caps according to your needs, or simply go without them if you like.It is a smart, simple, ultra-protective piece of equipment that is also priced affordably. Available in two sizes, M/L and XL/XXL each set of shoulder pads is adjustable to suit your body.

Shoulder pads from STÄRK NAKED DESIGNS are available NOW!  Contact us to get the scoop on where you can find these at a retailer near you.


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