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Pattern S31
Size 27"

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STÄRK went out to the rinks and asked the goalies what they wanted in a Goalie Stick. No surprise here, Goalies had much to say about stick performance and their ideal specifications. Without pleasing everyone, we know that this stick hits the mark with many of them. With their help, we created a durable stick with an incredible puck feel, and that shoots rockets for less than $130.00 CND! 

Foam Core is the way to go! 

Most of the goalie coaches we interviewed preferred foam core constructions for their students. It provides better puck feel and reduces the chance of getting stingers. The pattern database is also much bigger in foam core. making it easier for goalies to get a custom made stick.

Puck Feel
Vibration Dampening

Made in Strong in Canada
Foam core construction
Carbon fibre reinforced blade and paddle
New Canadian Wood ACV shaft
Puck moving Patterns
Weight : 800g Light

Foam Core is the way to go!

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