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Our players

Our products are inspired by the confidence, passion, courage, happiness and pride of every player. We take extra care in knowing exactly what our users are looking for and we create products that work for them and other players just like them.

Strong team members 

Its with the help of players just like you that STÄRK HOCKEY creates its collections of hockey equipment. Our work isn’t nearly done as we still want to improve our product lines and create new items that will adapt to the ever-evolving game of hockey.

STÄRK equipment can't be created from great user feedback alone.

It is with help of industry experts and good friends of mine that we can achieve this goal. Award Winning Industrial designers such as Dave Lewandowski and Elizabeth Coulombe bring life to the project and help create the collections

Limited and well-informed Distribution

Hockey specialty Retailers are valued by us and our customers. In fact, over 70% our surveyed players said they still relied on the local retailer’s advice when making a purchasing decision. We are happy to work with a limited quantity of quality retailers and allow them to represent the STÄRK brand in your community.


Top Shelf Supply chain

"Over the years, I have developed strong connections with some of the hockey industry’s best suppliers. I am fortunate and proud to have them on board as they not only share our vision for a new business model but also our commitment to quality" - Michel Paul .




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