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DC9 STÄRK NAKED Shoulder Pad


STÄRK went out to the rinks and asked the Adult hockey players what they wanted in a Shoulder Pad. Shockingly, 31% of the surveyed players admitted to not wearing a shoulder pad at all. We worked with them to develop a pad that would reduce the risk of catastrophic injuries whitout sacrificing mobility and comfort. 

This is our most innovative design to date. 

This high-quality shoulder pad features removable/adjustable caps and bicep pads while protecting where it matters most: spine, sternum, shoulders. 


Protective / Comfortable / Adjustable


  • Fit : Full Mobility
  • Adjustable/Removable caps and bicep pads
  • Liner : Ventilated
  • Protection : Thermo-molded LD/HD Foam Package + HDPE 
  • Weight : 750g

Our testers confided to us that current shoulder pads failed them because it seemed the more you spent on a pad the bulkier it got as they said that smaller pads are too flimsy while the more protective ones are too big. 


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