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MFG SHOULDER PADS Created by STÄRK HOCKEY, Approved by Players

Posted on February 17 2021

MFG SHOULDER PADS  Created by STÄRK HOCKEY, Approved by Players


Begin your adventure  

In 2017, STÄRK HOCKEY challenged itself to create the best women’s shoulder pads in the industry. Today, in 2021, we wanted to let you know about the adventure we embarked on developing the shoulder pads and explain how you can help us continue to make history.

The MFG shoulder pad is the result of fierce and determined work by hockey lovers, leading to the creation of the first piece of equipment of its kind. In the last three years, STÄRK has played a significant role in shoulder pad innovation, seeking to create a women’s shoulder pad that’s light, adjustable, and affordable, without ever compromising quality.

Thanks to thousands of surveys and hundreds of interviews with players of all ages and levels, we concluded that there was a gap in the market. Female hockey players were lacking one of the most important pieces of equipment: shoulder pads.

Created for the players

Many female athletes weren’t satisfied with the current selection provided by local shops and ecommerce sites. Female players didn’t have any other option apart from compromising either their protection and/or mobility.If you go into the locker room of female players, you often find that they’re using junior boys shoulder pads.

This is exactly the position Elizabeth Tremblay, forward for the Moncton University’s Aigles Bleus, found herself in when competing. Since trying the new STÄRK MFG shoulder pads, she hasn’t regretted her choice for a second, as she explains here:  



“I’m not very big, so men’s shoulder pads weren’t an option for me. I’ve been wearing junior shoulder pads for years. I knew that they didn’t protect me that well but I didn’t have any other options. Now I wear the STÄRK HOCKEY shoulder pads, I have the best of both worlds, comfort and protection.”

Our shoulder pads were created bearing the different proportions of female hockey players in mind. Shoulder pads don’t just protect the shoulders, they also protect three essential areas of the female body: the sternum, the spine, and the Cooper ligaments.

From amateur female hockey players to female hockey professionals, the results of the 4th and last prototype of the MFG shoulder pads are encouraging.

Taylor Woods, female professional hockey player with the Toronto Six in the NWHL, is also very satisfied with her new protection.


“STÄRK’s shoulder pads are very lightweight and fit close to my body. It feels like I’m not wearing shoulder pads at all, but they provide the right amount of protection in the shoulders, upper arms, and torso area." .

Adjusting to the player’s body, the MFG shoulder pads know how to maximize protection while ensuring the greatest comfort and mobility.


Here is where you step in

STÄRK has found a gap in the market and created a product, which has evolved through four prototypes to arrive at the ultimate step of the project: promotion! It’s here that you enter the game! The crowdfunding project will begin in a few months on the Kickstarter platform.

The objective is show the hockey industry the problem, and promote STÄRK HOCKEY and its products. Aiming to ensure success we need to find interested players like you and ask you to join our Kickstarter via our sign-up page. Be one of the first participants to sign up and access amazing rewards and special offers.

Thanks to all of those who have believed in and continue to support this project, thanks to you STÄRK continues to leave its mark on women’s hockey. 

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